Don't Trees Me! Signs Your Tree Needs To Be Removed

Posted on: 11 August 2023

Trees are beautiful. They add character to your landscape and shade to your yard. Unfortunately, these beautiful trees can also become a nuisance in some cases, and in those cases, you really need to have them removed. How do you know when a tree has transitioned from a wonderful feat of nature to a threat that needs to be removed? Look for these signs.

It's near or wound through power lines 

Trees and power lines do not mix. In some areas, power companies will come through and trim back the trees that touch power lines from time to time. This is a good short-term fix, but over time, trimming away that much of the tree is not really good for it and may cause its health to decline. You are often better off having a tree that interferes with power lines removed entirely. If you want to replace the oxygen that tree was contributing to the atmosphere, just plant a new one somewhere more convenient.

It has mushrooms growing out of it

People sometimes look at a tree with mushrooms and laugh. While those growths are similar to mushrooms, they're technically called brackets. These are the fruiting bodies—an end-life stage—of infection fungi that live in some trees. Some fungal infections can be cured early on, but if the tree already has brackets growing out of it, your chance to fix the problem has passed. You are best off removing the tree. And if you don't, you'll likely go outside and find it on the ground soon since these fungal infections make trees very brittle and hollow.

It has multiple dead limbs

Sometimes one limb on a tree will die due to an injury or partial break. That's not a reason to remove the tree. But if several limbs are dead, that's another matter. There is a good chance the tree has a disease that is causing those limbs to die. Have a tree expert take a look. They may spot other symptoms you've overlooked. In the end, a tree that has multiple dead limbs will probably be entirely dead before too long, so you can save yourself time and just have it removed now.

Having to remove a tree can be a bit sad, but in the end, trees that are in the situations above are not going to survive very long anyways. Remember, you can always plant a new one in its place.

Contact a local residential tree care service to learn more.