Why You Should Trim Your Trees Regularly

Posted on: 25 May 2023

Tree trimming is an essential tree care task that every homeowner should take seriously. You should trim your trees during winter when the plant is dormant. Trimming your trees at this time of the year prepares them for growth in the spring. The following are some other perks of trimming your trees.

Enhances Aesthetics

When you fail to trim your trees regularly, they look distorted. As a result, branches will grow in strange directions. It also leads to uneven growth. Some branches can even block the view of a lake or some other scenery.

Trimming enhances the shape of your trees. It involves thinning out limbs and cutting branches. This practice is essential for planted trees to improve your yard's aesthetics. It also enhances your landscape's appearance by removing obstructions.

Stimulates Growth

Tree trimming allows branches that haven't received sufficient light the chance to get light and enough room to grow. Overgrown branches block the sun and prevent rain from reaching flowers and grass under the trees. Trimming also allows sufficient light and moisture to reach the flowers and grass. 

Trimming also ensures tree branches grow together. It gives all the branches an equal chance to blossom, reducing the likelihood of uneven growth.

Conserves Energy

Trimming increases the light coming into your home. This is because some tree branches block the sun's rays. When you trim these tree branches, the light and heat coming into your home help you minimize your monthly utility bills. 

Therefore, you will not need to use lighting appliances for light or your furnace to keep indoor temperatures warm during the day. When adequately trimmed, deciduous trees will also provide shade from the sun in the summer.

Improved Safety

Dead branches can cause accidents around your home compound. You shouldn't wait for them to decompose and fall off. This falling debris can damage property or injure someone passing nearby.

Trimming also removes overgrown branches. These branches can penetrate your roof and cause structural damage. The branches could pierce your roof and the layers underneath and cause leaks. They can also get near power lines and cause electrical faults or fire incidents.

Improper trimming can damage your trees and lead to additional costs for future corrective services. You should also avoid DIY trimming because of the risk of falling and injuring yourself. Hire an arborist to ensure your trees are trimmed correctly with the appropriate equipment. Furthermore, an arborist will follow up on their services to ensure the trimmed trees are growing properly.

For more information, contact a tree service near you.