Storms Got You (And Your Trees) Down? Don't Wait To Call For Removal

Posted on: 21 March 2023

A severe storm can wreak havoc on your property, especially if you have trees. The strong winds, heavy rain, and even moderate hail can make trees go from healthy to haggard in just a few minutes. That can make some of them too dangerous to keep. Calling a tree removal service is urgent at this point because you need to get the trees inspected. You may not be able to tell if they're truly OK.

Dead and Damaged Trees Can Be More Hazardous Than They Look

Trees that have been damaged in storms, whether to the point of dying or not, don't always show just how badly they're damaged. You may think a few branches look off, but in reality, the trunk could be split in spots you can't see from the ground. After a big storm, your trees could be damaged without you being able to see any problem at all. You'll want to call a tree service to check out all the trees in your yard and remove the ones that have become hazards.

Things Could Get Worse Very Quickly

Trees in trouble don't always give you a play-by-play report of how they're doing after the initial damage occurs either. They can appear damaged and then not show any visible changes before starting to lean and even fall. And sometimes it's not the tree itself but the saturated soil that can no longer hold the tree in place. So a healthy-looking tree that shows signs of movement around its roots in the soil is also something you need to have looked at as soon as possible. After the storm, don't rely on simple visuals to determine if a tree is OK. Any changes warrant calling a tree removal service for an inspection.

Removal Crews Don't Need Sunny Weather

Tree trimming isn't something you want to do in rainy weather, but tree removal is entirely different. If you're removing a tree as just part of a new landscaping plan, you'll likely want to wait for better weather. However, if the tree is dead or damaged to the point of being dangerous, tree crews will do what they can to get the tree out of your yard. Crews may wait out severe weather, of course, but if the rain is a drizzle, you may still be able to get that tree taken away from your property very quickly. So, if a storm has damaged or destroyed a tree on your property, don't wait to call a tree removal service just because the forecast has light rain in the next few days. Call and let the tree service determine the conditions in which it can work.

A dead or damaged tree is not something you want next to your home. Contact a tree removal service to learn more.