Dealing With Trees That Could Cause Damage Or Be Unsafe On Your Property

Posted on: 24 February 2023

Trees can be a wonderful addition to any property that provides shade for your home, a great place to sit and relax in the spring, and a home for birds and other animals you can enjoy. However, when a tree becomes unsafe, you may need a hazardous tree removal service to take it down. 

Hazardous Conditions

Trees can pose problems on a property if they are hanging over your house, growing toward overhead wires, or have root systems spreading into septic systems, basements, or driveways. Trees that are large but have a poor root structure can fall during a storm, take down power lines, damage homes, and may even cause a fire if they continue to grow unchecked. 

Sometimes cutting or removing a tree is the best option, but there can be situations that can be fixed with aggressive trimming and maintenance. A tree service that offers hazardous tree removal can look over the situation and determine how to eliminate the problem and keep your property safe.

If that means removing the tree, they can handle that safely for you. Often the tree will need to come down in sections, but the tree service may decide to take the upper part of the tree off, then lift the lower part with a crane once cut. This method offers the most control over the tree and allows the tree to be put on the ground close to the truck that will transport it off the site. 

Tree Trimming

Some trees have the potential to become a problem, but if they are cut back and maintained, they can remain where they are. The tree removal service you are working with may be able to remove large limbs hanging over your home or trim the branches near power lines, but if you go this route, the tree service may have to come back every year to trim the tree again. 

Some trees will remain healthy even with aggressive trimming, but you may want an arborist to look at the tree before any trimming. For any tree to withstand aggressive trimming, it must be healthy so it recovers and thrives. If you are unsure that the tree you are dealing with can, you may need to consider hazardous tree removal, but you can replant a new tree in a better location. 

Some nurseries sell large trees that are big enough to provide shade for your yard, and when placed in the right spot, they can grow for many years without presenting a hazard to property or people.  

Contact a local tree removal service to learn more.