When Tree Removal Is Likely The More Affordable Option

Posted on: 7 February 2023

Tree removal isn't cheap. So, if you have an unwanted, dead, or bothersome tree in your yard, it can be very tempting to just leave it there rather than contact a tree removal company. Unfortunately, this is a decision that may end up costing you more in the long run. Here are some situations in which having the tree removed is actually likely to be your more affordable choice.

The tree is overhanging your roof.

Trees overhanging roofs are never good news. If the tree is at all brittle, diseased, or weak, all it will take is one strong wind to drop a branch on your roof. This can even happen with healthy trees. Having a tree-damaged roof repaired can be really costly. Often the roof deck, which is the layer of wood under the shingles, ends up cracked and damaged. This makes for an extensive roof repair job. And you'll still need to have the tree removed! It's generally more affordable to have the tree removed before you also have to pay for roof repairs.

The tree is growing into a fence.

Trees that grow into fences tend to cause lots of damage to those fences. If you don't catch this early, you may end up needing to replace the fence. You may also deal with lots of headaches and hiccups as a result of having a damaged fence. You won't be able to let your dog run loose. You may worry about neighbors coming into your yard. Have the tree removed while the fence damage is still minor, and you'll save money and time.

The tree has a fungal disease.

Signs of fungal diseases in trees include black cankers on the branches, plaques of fungus on the trunk or main branches, and brackets growing from the trunk. If you catch a fungal disease early, it might be treatable, but many cases are not. If you leave the infected tree in place too long, it will spread its disease to other nearby trees. Then, you'll be faced with removing multiple dead or dying trees. It's more affordable to remove the first diseased tree as soon as you notice it.

Tree removal isn't cheap, but sometimes it is the cheapest option. If you have a tree removed when it first starts being a problem, you can prevent a lot of bigger and more costly problems down the road. Contact a tree removal service in your area to learn more.