Understanding The Dangers Of DIY Tree Removal And Why You Should Get A Professional To Handle It

Posted on: 28 July 2022

As a property owner, you will notice a tree that doesn't fit well into the landscape from time to time. The problem with the tree might be weak roots, sickness, poor placement, or storm damage. Most people take pride in landscaping, and you will see them trying a do-it-yourself removal process. However, the task will be simple when you allow a professional to handle it. The following are some risks associated with DIY removal and why an arborist should do it instead. 

You Risk Fall Injuries

Falls are one of the most common injuries from the tree felling process. Many people in DIY tree felling projects try to climb on top of the tree and remove some branches because they believe it will help lighten the tree and prevent it from damaging property. However, getting onto a weak tree could easily lead to slipping and falls or branches breaking, leading to nasty falls. The professionals understand all safety risks associated with climbing a tree and will handle falling the tree without compromising their safety. 

You Have Almost Zero Control Over Where Your Tree Falls

Mature trees are tall and heavy, and some extend to tens of meters and weigh hundreds of pounds. More so, the weight might not have an even distribution. Therefore, you need to be careful when handling the removal. A minor miscalculation in the fall path will lead to the tree falling in an unexpected direction. If you lose control of where the tree falls, you might get massive property destruction, injuries, fatalities, and other liabilities. Let professionals manage the removal process because they have the tools, skills, and experience to map and guide a tree's fall path. They also have the safety gear and know-how to protect themselves and everyone else if the tree does not follow the mapped route. Additionally, you will have fewer liabilities if the tree falls and damages people's property when you have a permit. 

Poor Tool Handling

The tree cutting process involves the use of various power tools. Handling them needs expertise and experience. It will be hard to remove without injuries when you lack these skills, especially if you haven't done it before. The safer option is to let the professionals do it.

You should always hire professionals when you need to remove trees from your property. Doing it alone might seem cheap, but the risks and liabilities are not worth the potential benefits. Speak to a tree removal professional today to learn more.