Why Trimming Trees That Are In Close Proximity To Each Other Is Important

Posted on: 11 April 2022

Trees can be beneficial to a property. The shade and beauty offered by several trees can create an idyllic setting for a residential property. Caring for several trees comes with unique challenges, especially when those trees grow in close proximity to each other.

When you have several trees near each other, problems can occur. These problems require you to keep your trees trimmed.

Diseases and pests can spread from one tree to another

When the branches of two trees touch, if one tree suffers from a disease or pests, then those diseases and pests will likely spread to the other tree. And when branches are packed too closely together, the air circulates poorly throughout the canopy of both trees. This can lead to mold and mildew issues.  

Pests can use your trees to travel

All manner of pests, from insect pests to animal pests, use trees to travel. These pests may even use several trees to get closer to your home. To prevent pests such as carpenter ants from spreading throughout your trees, keep your trees' branches trimmed away from each other.

Fire can spread between trees

Whether a fire starts due to lightning or hot weather, if the fire spreads to one of your trees, then that fire could spread to all of your trees if their branches are touching.

Trees can become entangled during storms

Storms can create problems for trees, especially if those trees are close together and in an urban environment. In a forest, trees are protected from strong winds by the trees around them. But in an urban environment, with little wind protection, wind can bring trees crashing down. And if your trees' branches are touching, then one tree could fall into its neighbor and become entangled.  

The branches of one tree may deprive another tree of sunlight 

When trees grow closely together, they compete for nutrients and sunlight. One way that you can help your trees is to trim their branches so that one tree's branches don't deprive another tree of precious sunlight. A lack of sunlight can lead to stunted growth and even diseases and pests, which may then spread.

Keeping your trees trimmed can prevent all of the aforementioned problems from occurring. But don't attempt to trim your trees yourself without the right training and experience. Call a tree trimming service near you today to find out how they can keep your trees healthy and vital.