Avoid Making These 3 Tree Trimming Mistakes

Posted on: 2 December 2021

It is tempting to take care of your trees as a homeowner, for instance, by trimming them yourself. Besides, who doesn't want to save some money and make good use of their free time? Sadly, if you don't have expert knowledge of trees, you are prone to make mistakes. Here are three common trimming mistakes you should avoid.

1. Tree Topping

When trimming a large tree, most homeowners think topping is an effective trimming method to make the tree appear better. However, it isn't. The trunk is among the vital parts of every tree. A trunk appears after the tree sprouts. Therefore, it helps a mature tree with balance and ensures it remains upright.  

Since the trunk is responsible for balancing a tree, it will need a lot of corrective work over time. After topping, the tree will not have the right balance, appearance, or size. Additionally, the other branches will become weak and break easily after heavy winds.

2. Making Improper Cuts

Without experience and tree trimming skills, it is common to make improper cuts. As you remove the branches, avoid cutting them too close or making flushes near the main trunk. This will remove the tree's branch collar, an important area of tree tissue that contains specialized cells to heal the wound.

You can identify the branch collar by looking for a small swelling where the branch intersects with the trunk. Cells from the collar also help protect the tree by preventing diseases from reaching the trunk from the branches. So, avoid making wrong cuts as it could endanger the tree more.

3. Pruning a Large Tree

There are two main concerns of pruning large trees: their health and your safety. If you are planning on trimming a large tree whose branch is a few inches, a simple trimming mistake could create a wound that is too large impossible for the tree to seal. The ability of the tree to seal a wound incurred during trimming depends on its branch structure and tree crown.

Furthermore, a large tree could pose a risk to you. Sometimes even tripod ladders can be unstable, especially for a large tree. Heavy branches are hard to control and can easily fall as you trim them, endangering your safety, those around you, and your property.

Get Professional Tree Trimming Services

Experts have the skills, knowledge, and experience trimming trees to make them healthier without making mistakes. Why risk causing more harm to your tree when you contact an arborist today for professional tree trimming? Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Mow Better Tree Service, LLC.