5 Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control

Posted on: 28 October 2021

A mosquito infestation in your yard can put an end to outside enjoyment. Not only do the stings hurt and itch, there is also the risk of contracting a mosquito-borne disease. Fortunately, professional mosquito treatments can be very effective. 

1. Targeted Pesticide Applications

A professional applies treatments when and where they will do the most damage to mosquito populations. Under tree spraying, for example, works best when done during the day when mosquitoes rest on the underside of foliage. Perimeter spraying is most effective in the early evening when the pests first begin to become active again. Knowing the right targets ensures better control.

2. Integrated Solutions

Integrated solutions means using multiple tactics, both environmental alterations, and pesticides, to control the mosquitoes. Your technician will begin by locating problem spots where mosquitoes breed or hang out, such as areas of stagnant water or overgrown weeds. They will then help you develop a plan to get rid of the problem, if possible, or they will find a treatment method, such as putting mosquito-larva killing disks to float in a backyard pond.

3. Pet and People Safe Methods

Your professional mosquito exterminator will determine the safest type of treatment to use so that the people and pets that make use of your yard are safe from harm. This typically means choosing a pesticide that doesn't affect mammals, like people, cats, and dogs. It may also include applying the pesticide at times when no one will be active in the yard for some hours so that the spray can settle harmlessly.

4. Ongoing Control Services

Depending on the extent and cause of the mosquito problem, you may need ongoing treatments. For most homes, treating every three weeks or so will interrupt the mosquito life cycle enough so that they are no longer a problem. If you live near a wetland, though, then you may need a nightly treatment such as the installation of a mosquito misting device around the perimeter of your yard.

5.  Eco-Friendly Options

Most professional level mosquito treatments are EPA-approved in terms that they target mosquitoes and do not harm other beneficial insects or animals in your yard. Your exterminator can also take extra steps, such as avoiding treatment of pollinator-friendly areas or applying treatments at times other insects aren't active, to further ensure the eco-friendliness of the treatment. 

Contact a mosquito removal service if you have been struggling with these pests in your yard.