Tree Removal Steps To Avoid Skipping

Posted on: 22 October 2019

Regardless of your particular reasons for wanting a tree removed from your property, it is important to make sure you are proceeding with this work in a careful manner to avoid the risk of a handful of problems resulting in major expenses or even legal issues.

Ensure The Tree Is On Your Property

Prior to scheduling a tree removal, the time should be taken to verify that the tree is actually on your property. This is especially important when having a tree removed that is near the perimeter of your property. If you inadvertently remove a tree that is on your neighbor's property, you could face major expenses. Individuals will often drastically underestimate the value of trees, but it is common for courts to consider the number of years that the tree was growing. As a result, the value of each tree can be extremely high.

Keep Clear Of The Removal Site Until The Contractors Are Done

For homeowners that are having a large number of trees removed, it can be common for the work to be spread over several days. During this time, you should avoid entering the area that is being cleared. This location can be surprisingly dangerous until the work is completed. For example, there may be sharp equipment, unstable branches, or other debris that could pose a risk. Individuals with children should be especially mindful as this area can be a tempting place for children to want to explore. Until the work has been completely finished, you may need to provide additional supervision to your children to ensure they stay far away from the worksite. Otherwise, they may suffer serious injury.

Treat The Property For Pests After The Removal Is Done

In the process of removing a large tree, it is common for pests to be disturbed. There may be many insects and small animals that live in a tree, and removing it will force them to have to find another home. Sadly, this can lead to them targeting your home or other buildings where they are unwanted. Limiting the damage and problems that the pests can cause to the home and surrounding property will require having professional pest control services treat the area. Furthermore, these services should be scheduled as soon as possible after the tree is removed as this will be the period when the pesticides and repellents will be the most effective in driving the displaced pests away from the property.

Speak to a tree removal professional about your trees.