Have A Cherry Tree You Need Moved? 3 Tips To Get The Tree To The New Location

Posted on: 12 September 2019

If you have a cherry tree that you would like to move to another location in your yard, you need to ensure you move it correctly. If you do not, the tree could easily die. Below are three tips to get the tree to the new location without causing any type of damage.

Choosing When to Move the Tree

It is important that you move the tree at the right time of year. For a cherry tree, the best time is in the early spring after the threat of frost. You should also make sure you move the tree before you start seeing buds appear. This is because the tree is in a dormant state, meaning it is not using any type of energy to grow buds. Once the tree starts to create buds, moving it could disrupt this process. 

You should also not move the tree if the weather is hot or very cold. If you do, the root system can get damaged. Instead, an average warm day would be best. 

Choosing the Location

You need to ensure you choose a good location for your tree. If you do not, the tree will not flourish and it will not provide you with beautiful flowers or cherries. The new location that you choose needs to receive full son, which is at least six hours of sunlight per day. Air should also be able to circulate well throughout the tree. This means not planting the tree close to buildings, homes, or other obstructions where part of the wind will be blocked from the tree. 

The soil should be well draining so the tree does not become bogged down with water. The soil also needs to be rich in nutrients to allow the roots to set up well in their new home. You can do a soil test to determine if the soil has enough nutrients. You can purchase a soil test at a garden center or hire a landscaper to do the soil test for you.

Transferring the Tree

Now it is time for the tree to be moved. When doing so, you need to ensure that you do not damage the root system. This means taking as much root system as you can with the tree is important. If the cherry tree is fully grown, this can be very difficult to do on your own. This involves digging around the tree and then digging deep enough so you are under the roots. The new hole should be deep enough for the root ball and roots to fit into. Move some of the old soil to the new location to help ease the move of the tree. Once moved, water the tree well to give the roots a good start.

Because transferring a tree can be difficult, you should consider hiring a tree service company to do this for you. They will ensure that the tree is moved properly. The tree service company will also prepare the new location for the tree properly. 

The tree care company that you hire can help you every step of the way, from deciding when to move the tree to choosing the new location, and then to move the tree.