When You Have Trees Removed: Reasons To Get Rid Of Stumps Too

Posted on: 22 March 2019

While you might take down some trees in your yard to avoid damage to your roof, it's important to think about the stumps too. Some homeowners don't bother with removing stumps if they aren't in the way, but there are a number of reasons to have your stumps removed when you have trees cut down. When you want a great looking yard, it should be free of dead tree stumps that detract from the look of your space. You can try grinding down stumps on your own, but this is hard work and requires professional tools to get the job done. If you have tree stumps in your yard, here's a number of reasons to invest in stump removal services.

Tree Stumps Are Ugly

When you take the time to landscape your yard and get your grass green, there's no reason to leave ugly tree stumps so that others can see them. Over time, tree stumps become decayed and will detract from a well-kept lawn.

New Shoots Can Grow

There are times when a tree stump begins growing again. This can lead to many smaller trees cropping up in your yard around the stump. It is going to cost you more money to deal with the unwanted little trees than it would have to just get the stump taken care of in the first place.

Tree Stumps Are Often In the Way

If you have young children running around your yard, tree stumps are often hazardous. When you are mowing your lawn and trying to maneuver around a stump, you can damage your mower blades if you bump a part of the stump. When the stump is near a walking path, this can cause a hazard for guests. Don't have a tripping hazard in your yard and take care of tree stumps whenever possible.

Stumps Attract Bugs

When your tree stump is close to your home, you don't want to create a breeding ground for termites, beetles or carpenter ants. A rotting tree stump takes a long time to decay, and you can end up with unwanted bugs in your home when the stump is too close.

If you have trees removed from your yard, consider getting rid of the stumps too. Stump removal can help keep your yard safe while giving you the yard space that you want. When you don't want to look at tree stumps or attract bugs, it's time to have your stumps removed. Talk with a stump removal service near you to start the process.