3 Different Methods Of Stump Removal

Posted on: 30 August 2018

Stump removal is a common landscaping procedure that is used to remove the stumps of long-dead trees from your yard, creating a safer and more easily maintained space within your lawn that is also much more visually appealing. There are several different methods of stump removal, all of which perform the same function but do so in different ways. Understanding the differences between the main methods of stump removal can help you determine the best course of action for you.

1. Digging

The simplest and least expensive way to remove a stump from your yard is to actually just break it up and dig it out yourself using hand tools. A saw can be used to break up the stump into manageable pieces, and a shovel and pickaxe can be used to dig underneath the stump so that you can lift it out of the ground. Obviously, despite the low price point associated with this method of stump removal, it takes quite a lot of effort and time, and as such is really only suitable for smaller stumps, as you run the risk of injuring yourself or taking several days to remove large stumps without mechanical help.

2. Chemical Removal

Another common method of stump removal that doesn't require you to break your back with hand tools is chemical removal. Most hardware stores will sell stump removers, which are basically just potassium nitrate solutions. All you have to do is drill several holes into the stump, and then pour the remover into them and let it sit for a few weeks. The stump will begin to rot and will slowly fall apart, becoming spongy in the process. You can speed the process along by physically breaking the stump up with an ax or shovel at a later date – as the stump deteriorates, it will take much less effort to remove from the ground. 

3. Stump Grinding

Finally, the most effective way to properly remove a stump from your yard is to hire a professional contractor to come in and grind the stump. A stump grinder consists of a large rotating disc that will rapidly grind the stump down to below ground level, at which point you can simply cover the stump up with soil and allow grass to grow over it as the remains decompose. 

Stump grinding is an extremely effective and quick method of stump removal, which makes it ideal for use in yards where you have multiple stumps that you want to have removed or if there are large stumps that would take too long to remove by hand or through chemical exposure.

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