Does Your Property Back Up To An Unmaintained Field? 3 Landscaping Strategies To Minimize Ticks

Posted on: 29 August 2018

Your property that backs up to a field gives you a sense of privacy and space. However, problems quickly start to occur when the land adjoining yours is unmaintained. In addition to the usual mice and other types of wildlife, you must also worry about ticks that can carry dangerous diseases. When the property owners behind your land don't practice proper pest or lawn control, you can use these landscaping strategies to keep ticks on the other side of the fence.

Keep Trees and Bushes Pruned

Ticks thrive in areas where the ground is moist and dark. While the large trees and bushes on your property provide shade, overgrown branches can also block out too much sun. Selective tree and bush pruning is often viewed as a way to improve the health and aesthetics of plants on a property, but this landscaping service also serves a method to prevent ticks. Once unnecessary branches are trimmed back, more sunlight can reach the ground where it creates drier conditions that ticks are more likely to avoid.

Eliminate Ground Debris

Your plans for tick control should also include making sure that your property is free of debris that gives these arachnids a place to nest. Be sure that your tree care plan also includes services that remove old, fallen branches and leaves that create a habitat for ticks to thrive. If you have woodpiles on your property, then these should also be removed or stored off of the ground. Finally, be sure to keep the grass trimmed low, and remove large amounts of clippings that could also harbor ticks.

Arrange for Barrier Treatments

During certain times of the year, your property may require spraying to stop ticks from living on your land. Barrier treatments focus on applying the spray around the perimeter of your property so that ticks do not survive if they move from the field to your grassy areas. Typically, these treatments should be applied on a regular basis during the height of tick season to keep the problem under control.

Controlling ticks is more difficult when the land that sits next to yours is allowed to grow out of control. While you might not be able to do anything about the neighbors, you can take steps to keep your property free of ticks and other pests. By practicing effective tree and plant control strategies, your yard will look great and be safe for everyone to enjoy.