Removing A Tree Growing Close To The House

Posted on: 28 August 2018

Removing a tree standing close to the house is a delicate process because any wrong move can easily send the tree crashing into the house. Here are some of the precautions that may help with the safe removal of such a tree:

Clear Obstacles from the Area

If a tall tree is growing near the house, there is a high risk that it may fall on other things other than the house if it is felled. Some of the things the tree might damage include things that are typically near the house such as cars, toys, garden tools, potted flowers, and bird baths, among other things. Remove such things from the vicinity of the house to reduce the risk of the tree falling on and damaging them.

Trim the Branches First

It also helps to trim away some of the branches before cutting down the main trunk of the tree. Doing this reduces the risk of damage or injury by reducing the mass of the tree that will eventually crash to the ground. Not only that but removing some of the branches also makes it easy to guide the tree to fall in a specific direction. You will need a ladder to reach the branches above your head, which increases the risk of injury. Ideally, this part of the process should only be executed by an experienced tree professional.

Determine Whether the Tree Is Weak

Removing a weak tree is more dangerous than removing a strong tree because the weak tree can fall unexpectedly. Some of the things that may weaken a tree include disease, construction damage, root damage, lightning damage, and drought, among other things. Even if you were interested in a DIY tree removal to save money, you should not attempt DIY removal of a weak tree because, apart from the risk of damaging the nearby house, it can also fall on you and cause severe injuries.

Ensure You Know Directional Felling

Directional tree felling is the controlled removal of a tree to ensure it falls in a specific direction or avoids a specific direction. This is what you need if you are removing a tree next to a house so that the tree doesn't fall on the house. It involves different practices and skills. For example, you may need to tie the tree or pull it in the desired direction. You also need to know where to make the cuts to force the tree to fall in the desired direction.

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