How To Take Care Of Your Trees In The Fall

Posted on: 27 August 2018

Different times of the year calls for different care for your trees. In the fall, you should avoid pruning your trees. Instead, you should focus on the overall health of your trees.

Avoid Pruning Your Trees

Fall is not an ideal time to prune your trees. Pruning your trees in the fall opens your trees up to infections and doesn't give your trees the proper time to heal. Instead, you should wait to prune your trees until late winter or early spring.

If any branches or dead branches could become dangerous over the winter time, it is okay to cut away those branches. To ensure you're pruning in the safest way, get in touch with a tree services company.

For example, if a heavy branch is hanging over your roof, you should trim this branch. If this branch gets weighted down with snow and ice, it could easily fall and damage your roof and your home. Trim back any limbs that are hanging over your roof or near power lines to keep things safe.

Get Rid of Leaves

Get out your rake and get rid of the leaves on the ground. You don't want to have a bunch of leaves around the base of your trees all winter. As the leaves decompose, they will attract pests and potentially disease to your trees. You can mulch your leaves in a compost pile. Don't let them decompose around the base of your trees.

Place Mulch Around Your Trees

Next, you are going to want to put to put mulch around the base of your trees. This will help protect your trees and roots against the harsh cold of the winter months and will help ensure that your trees and roots get the nutrients they need.

You may want to put down some fertilizer around the root base of all of your trees before putting down mulch. When you put down mulch, make sure that it is at least a few inches thick.

Water Your Trees

Fall is a great time to give your trees a little extra water. When it gets really cold outside, even if there is a lot of precipitation, if the ground is frozen, your trees will be starved for water during the winter months. That is why it is a good idea to give your trees a deep watering a few times in the fall before the ground freezes to ensure that your trees have enough access to water over the winter. This includes your evergreen trees that you may typically not have to do that much with.

This fall, only prune back diseased, damaged, and dangerous branches. Rake up and get rid of the leaves around your trees. Fertilize, water, and put a protective layer of mulch around the base of the trees.

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