Dangers Of Having A Termite-Infested Tree Close To Your House

Posted on: 26 August 2018

If you have started seeing small mud tunnels at the base of a tree growing next to your house, you may suspect that termites have started invading the trunk. If so, these insects pose a threat to not only the tree but to your property as well. Below are some of the dangers of having a termite-infested tree so close to your home.

Infestation Could Indicate Already Existing Tree Rot

If termites have taken up residence in your tree, their presence could be an indication that there is already something wrong with it. Because termites prefer to munch on wood that is already partially processed, the trunk may already have existing tree rot.

Around the area where you have noticed the signs of termites, see if you are able to easily scrape off the bark. Also, look for fungal growth around the base of the tree. If you discover either of these signs, the wood inside the trunk is already starting to rot and poses a threat to your home if it were to fall, even without the termites.

Termites Damage the Tree's Integrity

The presence of termites along with a rotting tree trunk poses a double threat. While the rotting trunk is enough to make the tree a fall risk, the termites will only exacerbate the problem.

As the termites tunnel through the rotting wood, eating the cellulose and expanding their nest, the holes they make will severely damage the tree's integrity. As the infestation becomes worse, the chances that the trunk will snap and fall on your home or other structures go up.

Termites May Gravitate Towards Your Home

The termite infestation inside your tree also presents a danger to your house. As the colony grows, some of the termites may decide to break off from the original nest to create their own.

Since your house is so close to the existing colony, the termites will likely start testing the exterior wooden structures. If they find any untreated or old wood, they may decide to make their new home there, infesting your house and causing even larger problems with trying to get rid of them.

While it may be possible to take care of the termite infestation, there are no guarantees that you will get rid of the entire colony, leaving your property's structures open to an invasion and potential damage if the tree were to fall. Contact a tree removal service, like Hagstrom & Sons Tree Service, to discuss your options for safely getting rid of the tree before the termites wreak havoc on your home.