The Best Times To Prune Trees

Posted on: 24 August 2018

Pruning services help keep your trees in check. Otherwise, trees tend to grow every which way, and then you will need much more than just pruning services. If you want to keep up with pruning in between visits from your tree service, or you want to DIY pruning, here are the best times to prune trees. 

Late Fall

Late in fall when all the leaves drop from the trees, you can easily see which branches and twigs need immediate pruning. Be sure to prune when you see them as trees will continue to grow even when they are becoming dormant for winter. That twig you see sticking out from that limb will quickly become its own limb in less than six months to a year, depending on the variety of tree.

Early Spring

Before the trees bud, you can do another pruning. This time, you are looking for anything that was not there in the fall and seems to have sprouted overnight. Trim that off the tree first. Then look for branches and limbs that are hanging too low and will only hang lower when the leaves unfurl. Cut these low limbs and branches to avoid being beamed by them when you mow your lawn.

When Trees Are Still Very Young

Any trees that are younger than three years are very easy to prune. In fact, this is the ideal time to shape the trees they will become. Remove all the twigs and branches you can reach; these are already too low and will only become lower as the tree grows. Also, watch for diseased leaves or dangling, dead brush. Trim this stuff so that it does not drain precious energy from the tree. Additionally, if you have a young tree that you did not plant and do not want, remove it now while it is still easy to prune from its base and take out of the ground.

Every Four to Six Weeks in Spring and Summer

Some trees grow quite rapidly. Others grow more slowly. Depending on what kinds of trees are in your yard, you may want to do some pruning maintenance every four to six weeks. If you are going to be gone several weeks out of the summer, or your vacation property needs some trees pruned, schedule pruning services well in advance so that your trees are not totally unruly and unsightly when you return home.

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