Removing A Tree Whose Roots Are Causing Damage

Posted on: 22 August 2018

Pretty trees are sometimes the highlight of the yard. Even if you may love the look of a tree, it is important that it be healthy if you are interested in keeping it in the yard. If a large tree has roots that are spreading and getting close to the foundation of your yard, this can cause a huge problem sooner rather than later. Tree roots that hit the foundation can start causing cracks and lead your home to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. If you have a tree that is causing damage, it is best to get it removed. Here are some ways to plan for tree excavation services.

Figure out if it's hitting any other trees

The first thing that you will need before any tree excavation is an inspection. Even if you suspect you know how bad the issue is, you will need a professional to give you a real diagnosis. Along with getting close to the foundation of the home, the tree roots could potentially be disrupting other trees and plants that are in your yard. This may mean that you must uproot more than one tree. Have an arborist come to look at your tree to determine the extent of the issue. 

Determine how you will fill the trees place

Once a tree is uprooted via heavy machinery, you will have a large hole in your yard. Depending on how large the tree is and the method of extraction, this could include several feet of space. Once space is created in your yard, you can do a lot of things to fill it. You can place another tree in the slot that has smaller roots. You can also have the soil turned over so that you are able to start a garden in the space. Some people will just want to have the space packed in and put down grass seeds to grow. Before the actual excavation, be ready with a plan on what to do with the hole. 

Ask that the tree be properly recycled

When booking the excavation, it is a good idea to make sure that the tree will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The tree can be used to create mulch or the lumber can be cut up and sold for products. If the tree is able to remain intact when extracting it can also be donated and planted in a new space. Make an ecologically friendly choice when deciding what happens to your old tree.