Have A Second-Story Deck? 4 Reasons To Consider Backyard Tree Removal

Posted on: 20 August 2018

Living in a home with a second-story deck may be something that you love because you likely have a great view and enough space to spend time with family and friends outside. A second-story deck keeps you from having to worry about most pests from disturbing your backyard gatherings.

When you bought the home, you may have noticed that several trees were somewhat close to the deck. After owning the property for a few years, these trees may have continued to grow. If you are worried about tree problems, you should consider reasons to remove them.

Foundation Issues

An important thing to look at is the foundation of the deck. You do not want any tree roots getting close enough to the deck's foundation that it can cause structural problems. A tree inspection may tell you that one of the trees close to the foundation is known for having invasive roots.

To avoid the risk of structural problems in the future, you will benefit from removing the tree. It does not mean that you must go without a tree in this area, you should just make sure to avoid growing one that has shallow and invasive roots that could become a problem in the future.

Railing Damage

Although you may feel confident about the deck railings being sturdy, you may not want tree branches growing close enough to them that they start making contact. If a branch keeps growing after touching part of the railing, it may cause scratches or cause serious damage over time. To avoid having to invest in routine trimming, you can remove a tree with invasive branches.


With a second-story deck, you may love not having to worry much about cleanup. But you may have a tree that is close to the deck and tall enough for debris to make it onto the decking. This may discourage you from spending time outside because you must invest time into cleaning. To renew your interest in going out on the deck, you should consider removing the tree from your backyard.

Too Much Shade

One of the things that you may like about the deck is all the natural lighting. But, you may have a tree that has grown tall enough to block the sun from reaching a large portion of the deck. To put an end to this problem, all you need to do is have a tree service, like Good Morrow, remove the tree.

Removing a tree is sometimes the best option for preserving and using your deck.