Care Tips To Help Your Trees Thrive

Posted on: 17 August 2018

Tree care is an important topic for maintaining your landscaping. Yet, it is common for individuals to overlook the needs of their trees. While a tree is a hardy plant, it can still be prone to some problems if preventative steps are not taken.

Mulch Your Trees

Putting mulch around the base of your trees can be a simple upgrade that can provide several major benefits to the trees. One of the most noticeable benefits will be the ability of the mulch to retain water so that the roots will have an easy time absorbing it. Also, the mulch can gradually replenish the nutrients that are in the soil. Depending on the type of mulch that is used, it may also be effective at repelling some pests. For example, pine mulch will have a scent that can discourage a variety of pests from targeting the base of the tree.

Look For Signs Of Disease

Inspecting the trees for signs of disease or damage is a task that must be done regularly. Failing to check the tree for these problems can expose it to a much higher risk of developing serious health issues. When these inspections are done on a regular schedule, developing issues that are still minor can be more easily treated and corrected. Often, this can be as simple as removing the branches of the tree that have started to develop the disease. This may alter the appearance of the tree, but it will prevent the disease from being able to spread throughout the tree.

Avoid Damaging The Roots

Harming the roots of a tree can be a devastating mistake to make. Due to the roots being buried, you may not even realize that you have damaged them until the tree has started to show serious signs of problems. One of the ways that the roots can be easily damaged is by parking vehicles near the tree as this weight can compress the soil around the roots, which can prevent the roots from being able to get enough air or water.

Monitor The Erosion Around The Base Of The Tree

Soil eroding from around a tree can be a major problem as it can deprive the tree of vital nutrients while also reducing its stability. When you notice the soil near the base of the tree eroding, erosion netting, gravel, or supplementary soil should be added to help slow or stop the erosion before it can pose a risk.

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